Sunday, August 04, 2013

Boat Painting, day 2

It’s been quiet here today after 2 days of frantic activity by the boatyard staff, turning around the hire boats for this week’s clients.
Just one boat overnighting, obviously a fairly late arrival, Dutch, I think. They left at around 9 this morning.

Tony, NB Timewarp, introduced me to Scotchcloths, an abrasive sheet very similar to a nylon pan scourer. With these you can abrade the surface of fresh paint to provide a key, and also to remove any foreign bodies (flies!) from the finish. Used dry, they certainly save time over wet and dry.

I used one this morning, wiped down and set to on the second coats of paint on the cabin. All on by 2:30 and we had a late lunch/early dinner while it tacked off, then I removed the masking tape painstakingly applied yesterday morning.

A taster of what the finished article will look like.SAM_6106

Mags has come out to inspect the job, I think she’s pleased.


We’re a way from finished, though. In the morning I’ll be flatting the all of the paint again, to give as smooth a surface for the third and final coats as possible.

Then I’ve to repeat the masking off, before applying the paint.

Before I knocked off for the evening I got a coat of grey on the fore-end and cratch board.

The raised cants and hatch cover, still in undercoat, will be blue. The top bend or flare will also have a blue background, with an ivory panel on which will be a design of a circle and diamonds, as I did before.

SAM_5715 Dutton Stop Lock

Adam, I decided on a local chap, well, from Stoke, anyway. Robin Wagg comes recommended, is available and has some good ideas.



KevinTOO said...

Can't wait to see it out in the daylight when it's all done:)
What a change there is already, amazing!

Carol Palin said...

Looking good! Make sure you have the boat name in big letter Geoff or we won’t recognise you! The sign writer’s work looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Looking good from here mate hope you got no bleed and the scotch clothes work out ok see you soon best wishes tony

snigsnig said...

Looking fantastic! We've just started on our 70 footer... gawd help us!