Friday, August 09, 2013

We’re out but not quite done yet…

Another busy day yesterday saw quite a bit of the smaller bits of paintwork done, but there’s still some remaining.

Rob worked through the day too, painting in the shadowing on the lettering, then recoating the letters themselves to give them more depth.

Hard at work.

It’s fascinating watching him work. Just a rough layout is chalked on the panel in chinagraph pencil, then it’s all freehand.

Job done, and a satisfied signwriter.SAM_6123

And a very satisfied customer! If you need signwriting, this is the go-to guy. Very pleasant, reasonable price and some good ideas. Thanks again, Rob.

Meanwhile I was working around the panels, repainting the coach lines. The low-tack masking tape did the job, just maybe half a dozen very small areas where the grey paint lifted with the tape. They’ll easily touch in.

George and Carol arrived around lunchtime, after a busy few days heading down from the Bridgewater Canal. They came around after mooring up below Star Lock to see how we were doing, and offered to bring round fish and chips for supper. So I had an early finish for a change. We had a great evening catching up.

I’d left the two name panels to redo the coachlines on, and both gunwales. So this morning was another early start to get some work done before we moved out of the dock.
I only did the panel and the gunwale on the left side, between here and Rugeley the towpath is on the right, so, weather permitting, I can get the remaining bits done from the bank. There’s also the decoration on the bow flare to start yet.

It took me longer than expected to refit the “furniture” and bow and stern fenders, and with a trip to the shops thrown in as well it was past noon by the time we reversed into daylight for the first time in a week.

Mags waiting above Yard LockSAM_6128 
It certainly looks different from this time last week! I think the colours work well together.
Compare this photo with the one at the top of the blog, which was taken nearly seven years ago when Seyella was new. That reminds me, I’ll have to sort out a new header photo…

The repaired cratch cover was returned last night. It needed new zips and a bit of adjustment now I’ve moved the board forward. Cheryl, who I got to do the work, has done a fine job. Not only doing the bits I asked for, but also mending some weak areas where I’d had a go at a repair in the past. She advertises in Great Haywood Marina, and can be contacted on 07944 994772. She not only does repairs but is happy to make a new cover from scratch.

The job has gone pretty well overall, thanks mainly to advice from other boaters (thanks Tony!), and folk I’ve contracted out work to doing what I wanted and when.

Although the paint shed a Canal Cruising isn’t state of the art, it did the job, keeping the boat dry and fly-free, and allowing me to work late at night under artificial light.

We were going to head out of Stone to join George and Carol who’d moved off to near Burston, but I had some more shopping to do (the cupboards had been thoroughly depleted in the last week), and by the time that was done and we’d had a late lunch it was almost 3 o’clock. So we decided to stay here between Yard and Star Locks for the night. We’ll join Rock’n’Roll tomorrow.

Tomorrow it’ll be exactly 7 years since we set out on our maiden voyage from Orchard Marina near Northwich when we went up to Preston Brook for our shake-down and snagging cruise. We had to spend another 24 hours back at the boatyard to sort out a few problems before heading off on our voyages properly, south down the Trent and Mersey to the Trent and the Soar.

Locks 1, miles, just a bit. Daylight, lots of wonderful daylight! 


KevinTOO said...

WOW what an amazing change :)

Well done that man (and his little helpers) you must be so pleased with the outcome.

Guess you can put the brushes away until 2020 now then!! LOL

Happy anniversary :)

Adam said...

It looks very good!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Well done Geoff,fantastic job -makes her look longer, I think. Enjoy the rest of the summer, I look forward to catching up sometime.

Best wishes
NB Le Grand Bleu