Sunday, August 25, 2013

Watching the boats go by…

We moved from Fradley Junction to Alrewas yesterday, our 48 hours there was up, and we needed some basic groceries. There is a shop up in Fradley village, but there’s not a huge choice of products there.
Another reason was the towpath alongside the moorings. When they were refurbished a mixed grade of grit was laid to give an all-weather surface. A pain though even in dry weather, it tends to stick to the soles of your shoes and get tracked aboard. But in wet weather it’s a nightmare. Especially if you’ve a dog with hairy feet!

There were quite a few boats on the move but we timed it well, dropping into a space where we hardly had to wait at all.

Above Keepers Lock

It took us just about an hour to negotiate the 3 locks and 1½ miles to moor just above Bagnall Lock on the edge of Alrewas.

Shopping done it was a chill out afternoon, the weather was still looking dubious for painting following the heavy showers on Friday night, but I did get the fore-end cants and gas locker hatch rubbed down again.

This morning, with the weather set to steadily improve throughout the day, I set to, masking off the bow flares so I could mark out the design of circles, half-moons and diamonds, then cutting and removing the tape for the first colour.

Work in progress
Not too clear what’s what there, but it’ll be more obvious when the rest of the tape is removed.
Between yellow coats I got an acceptable coat of blue on the cants as well, although I may re-do the hatch cover, not entirely happy with that.

There’s been a steady stream of boats up and down yesterday and today, one of which was NB Black Pig owned by the garage man here in Alrewas who was so helpful earlier in the year.
Sorry, can’t remember the name, and didn’t get a picture, but I did break off from what I was doing to have a chat at the lockside.

And that’s about it. We may move on tomorrow, or then again, maybe not. Either way, we intend to be down at the bottom end of the Trent and Mersey next weekend. Shardlow here we come.

Locks 3, miles 1½

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