Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I promised something different… (Boat Painting, Day 5)

Remember. yesterday? Something other than shiny panels for today?
Well, here you are…

Rob Wagg hard at work this morning

Part finished, graduated shadows to be applied tomorrow.SAM_6117

And we’ve got these on the front half too.SAM_6119

And a little C&RT swan.
What do you think? Smart, eh.

Rob has been working hard, and I’ve not been lazing about, either.

First thing the rear hatch slide got it’s final coat, as did the inside of the cratch board and the panel inside the well deck.

Then the fore-end cants and hatch got their first coat…SAM_6118
…Followed by the front doors and the swan’s neck.

Stone has two hardware stores, how about that. The other one had some low-tack masking tape. I say had, I’ve got it all now!

So this afternoon I set to masking off the finished paint to final coat the coachlines. After the paint was on I started to remove the tape with much trepidation, but it came off cleanly apart from a couple of tiny areas where it just lifted a bit of the grey. I got two panels done on the left side, just another 4 to do.

Early start again tomorrow to flat back the fore-end and the front doors for another coat, then I can maybe get a coat of black on the gunwales and the counter above the fuel tank later. I’ll try to fit in a coat of red on the handrails too. And finish the coachlines...

This will be the last full day I have left; we’re due out of the paint shed on Friday morning. I wonder what it looks like in daylight…

Thanks for all the comments, Tom, I'm NOT taking ANY bookings at the moment!!!

Ann, Chas. Welcome home, see you soon. You get moths out of chrysalises, too.....

Hiya Sue, don't worry about the birthday wishes, you've enough on your plate at the moment. I hope you get sorted this week. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Geoff, it looks fab, you should be very very proud!


Sue said...


Now I am going to have a job recognising this boat!

Mind you it will be the shiniest one out on the cut so that shouldn't be too difficult!

What a grand job!

nb Chance said...

Seyella is looking amazing, what a fantastic job you are doing, and the sign writing looks fantastic too, you must both be very pleased with the results. Love the new colour. Doug and James

Carol Palin said...

Hi both of you - may see you later today!!!!!!!!

Jill, Matilda Rose said...

Wow!!! She looks fabulous - I can't believe you did all that in that time span. We only did the roof and some bits and it took us a week and nearly killed us. Well done that man