Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Boat Painting, Day 4

Whoops, missed day 3! Actually it was gone 10 by the time I’d got the final colour coats on the cabin sides, and I just wanted to go to bed.

After 4 hours of hand-flatting, washing down, spirit wipe then tacking off, followed by another 5 hours of putting the grey and blue paint on, my shoulders, back and knees were killing me.
Still, it was worth it…

Not quite a mirror finish…

Today I’ve finished off the rear cabin panel, put another coat of grey on the fore-end, first coat of blue on the rear hatch slide and inside of the cratch board and well deck.SAM_6111


I ran out of low-tack masking tape, so used ordinary stuff from the local DIY shop on the handrail before applying the grey. DON’T DO THIS! At this stage the paint isn’t as tough as the adhesive on the tape!
It’s frustrating, but not desperate. I intended to put another coat on here and the coach lines anyway. I guess now it’ll take more than one…
But I’ve got to get some more low-tack before then. There’s no way I want to risk this happening to the grey and blue! It’s amazing just how much masking tape you get through on a job like this.
The chandlery has run out, but there’s some due either tomorrow or Thursday. If I have to finish this bit after we leave on Friday so be it.

Rob Wagg is coming tomorrow, so there should be more than photos of shiny panels to look at on tomorrow’s post.

Thanks for the comments, folks. Yes KevinToo, I can't wait to see it from a distance in daylight, as well. Not least because the bloody thing will be finished!

Carol, we'll wave a lot so you recognise us...

Tony, Scothcloths great, tape not quite so good!

Snigsnig, Hmm, 70 foot. That's nearly a quarter as much again of rubbing down, cleaning, flatting, painting... Glad we stuck to 57 foot! Good luck!



Sue said...

What a terrific job you are doing Geoff, and I missed wishing you a happy birthday too.

Bet you cant wait to get out the paintshop for a rest!

Birthday kisses for you too xxx

Tom and Jan said...

Glad you've been practising. When do you start on Waiouru?

Chas and Ann said...

Hi Geoff, We r back on board catching up on blogers! We see the transformation from chrysalis to butterfly.
You are working so hard for that perfect finish.
Chas n Ann