Monday, August 26, 2013

Snap, crackle, pop!

No, it’s not a Rice Krispie ad, it’s the noise a Mastervolt Combi inverter/charger makes when it goes terminal!
It died last night with no warning, one minute working fine, next there was a crack!  from it’s cupboard and all the mains electrics shut down. When I switched it off and on again I was treated to an impressive pyrotechnic display from inside the case. And we really wanted to watch the start of the new series of Vera, too.
The nearest Mastervolt dealer is Miller Marine in Shardlow. At least we’re heading that way…
Meanwhile I‘ll have to buy a cheap small inverter to charge this laptop and power the TV. I hope I can get away with a modified sine wave unit temporarily.

I’ve made a temporary lash-up using an old pre-digital TV which can run off 12v, and the satellite decoder and dish, so Mags can watch her soaps, but until I can get an inverter this will be the last post I can make.

So, we spent the weekend at Alrewas, moving on around 10:00 this morning and filling with water above Alrewas Lock, the one just before the delightful river section.

While we were waiting for the lock we met a couple of our readers, who’ve bought and moved onto their own boat.

Gary and Caroline NB IncaSAM_6207
Hi both, good to meet you. We’ll have a proper chat when we meet next.

Alrewas river section

The short bit of river ends at Wychnor Lock, then the canal runs alongside the busy A38 for the next couple of miles.SAM_6214
Almost in the footsteps of the Romans, the A38 was built as Ryknild Street or (Icknield Street) by those redoubtable civil engineers, to connect the Fosse Way in Gloucestershire with Templeborough in South Yorkshire.

Barton Lock is next to where we spent last winter with Mags convalescing, you can see the first bit of decoration on the bow flares now the masking tape is off.

Barton Lock

We ended up moored at Branston Bridge, near the water park. Meg has already topped up her ball store at the expense of a less conscientous pooch…. It’s very dog-friendly here.
Burton tomorrow.

Locks 5, miles 6


Sue said...

Oh that is a pain!

The laptop should be fine on quasi, but watch out for the phone charger, that might not like it and might destroy itself!

I am sure you will get sorted shortly knowing you Geoff! ;)

Carol Palin said...

Sorry to hear about the fizzle in the cupboard, hope you manage to get it sorted when you get to Shardlow - I hear that Yarwood is coming towards you very soon!
Love to you both.

Tom and Jan said...


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