Monday, October 29, 2007

Yesterday morning was wet, continuing the rain we had overnight. But by lunchtime the weather had improved considerably.
Meg was overdue a shower, so we took advantage of the mild afternoon and subjected her to her least favourite occupation. She’s pretty resigned now, after a bit of token resistance.

Fed up Meg having her back scrubbed
She smells a bit better, but the main reason was to get the dust out of her coat from the summer. I'm sure she's more comfortable now.

Woke up to a bright sunny morning today. We were looking forward to the 15 locks at Audlem, so were away at 09:40.

Reflections of Bridge 84
We crossed the infant River Weaver just before the locks. It’s a lot smaller down here!

River Weaver
40 minutes to the bottom lock, and no queue waiting to go up.

Audlem Locks
The first 3 were in our favour, but we came up behind a hire boat which had stopped over below Lock 12. They slowed us down a bit, but we passed them when they stopped for breakfast around Lock 9.
From this point on we saw no other boats in the flight, but all the locks were in our favour so we made good time, leaving the top lock at about 13:15.

Audlem Top Lock
A mile further on saw us almost at the bottom of the next flight at Adderley, and it is here we stopped for the night.

It’s been a fine dry day, with threatening clouds around late morning which didn’t amount to anything. The sky has cleared now, leaving a beautiful clear evening. Likely to be cold, though.

Locks 15, miles 4½

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