Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Today started dull and misty after overnight rain.

Misty Morning
We got away at just after 10 today, heading into Blackburn. Through the centre there is evidence of regeneration, but closed factories and mills follow the pattern set since Barrowford.

Imperial Mill

Part of the regeneration is a large retail park just before the locks, and we took advantage of the Asda to stock up with a few essentials. (Milk, bread, whisky…..).
Then down the locks. Unfortunately we’d been overtaken by another boat whilst shopping, so all the locks were against us, but, even with a stop at the sanitary station part way down, we were still clear of the flight by 14:00. The locks and surroundings are tidy and well maintained, but there is unfortunately a lot of rubbish in the water, including a large quantity of oil in the second lock.

Blackburn Locks
Two of the locks are very close to bridges, so incorporate unusual opening mechanisms for the bottom gates.

Lock 54
Out of the town, we passed through the suburb called Cherry Tree (no sign of the eponymous shrub, though), and moored a little further on near bridge 92. Out in the country, but the buzz of traffic from the M65 can be heard in the distance. It follows pretty much the same route as the canal, taking advantage of the same contours the canal engineer (John Longbottom) did 200 years ago.

Locks 6, miles 7.

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