Friday, October 26, 2007

Another grey day today, but still remaining dry. I think this is set to change this weekend.
Got away at our usual time of 10:00, and once again a lot of boats heading in the opposite direction. Minshull Lock was reached at around 12:30, and then Cholmondeston Lock, next to the large Venetian Marine, after another 35 minutes.

Venetian Marina
Saw these unusual gongoozlers on the way….
With some more friends the other side of the bridge.
Just past the last lock Mags spotted this maroon boat with red duck decoration and the odd name of BLUE CRYSTAL. Must be some reason for it.
Onward to Barbridge junction, creeping out into the flow of traffic and turning left towards Birmingham.

Bridge 1 and Barbridge Junction
And from the other side
Just past Hurleston Junction and the Llangollen Canal we pulled over for the night.
Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow. May stay here for the weekend, or move down to Hack Green.

At Minshull Lock we met a couple who do some subcontract work for BW. They’d bought a couple of dumb barges at the last BW equipment auction, and were taking them back to Birmingham.

Barges to Birmingham
Locks 2, miles 10.

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