Saturday, October 06, 2007

Up early today and on the move by just after 09:00. We’d had an unsettled night, with people going past till quite late. A bit too near the outskirts of Burnley, I guess.

Into Burnley and around a couple of bends on to the “Straight Mile”. This is the ¾(?) mile long embankment that carries the canal above the town.

The Straight Mile
Made a quick stop at the 24hr Tesco near 130F, then wound our way out of the town to the M65 aqueduct and Gannow Tunnel. This M65 crossing is the first of 4 we made today as the canal loops its way around the contours of the hills.

On the M65 Aqueduct (with interested dog)
Gannow Tunnel
Out into the sunshine and back under the motorway into Rose Grove, where BW have fairly recently opened visitor moorings and a sanitary station. (they’re not in my guide, anyway).

M65 again, from below this time!
2 more ducks under the motorway to Hapton, where we stopped for solid fuel. Useful place, I got a new chimney as well. Nice people. Another couple of windey miles, approaching then turning away from the M65 twice, before mooring at a pleasant spot near Smith’s Swing bridge, with a distant view of Pendle Hill.

Night Halt
It’s been another fine day, though cloudier than yesterday.

Locks none, miles 8½.

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