Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Meg decided to take a bath halfway up the locks on her morning walk today. She’d knocked her ball in to the water and was stretching to get it when she slid gracefully down the bank and launched herself. And I still had to get the ball after hauling her out! It doesn’t dampen her spirits, though.

So we got off a little later today, not that it mattered, we’d only intended to go to Market Drayton.

An easy run up the 5 locks at Adderley, then another hour or so to the town.

Adderley Locks
We moored and I toddled off to Homebase for some materials for a little project I’ve got planned. Then on to the moorings just on the south edge of town.

The Challenger Syndicate base in the centre of the town. I wondered where they all came from….
My sentiments entirely..
My favourite name for today.
We decided not to stay so close to the town, and pushed on, intending to moor at the bottom of Tyrley Locks. Those who know the area will laugh at this; the locks rise from a narrow cutting with no place to moor.

Tyrley Bottom Lock in the gloom
So we had to go up through the locks. It only took 50 minutes, and we were out at the top by 16:00. Moored on the wharf. There’s a sanitary station and water point here, but the drinking water is turned off due to a purification problem. So we’ll have to last until Norbury.

Locks 10, miles 5

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