Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A short day today. A hard frost overnight led to a bright sunny morning. We moved the short distance to the marina, arriving at 09:50.
We were directed to moor stern in on one of the fitting–out bays, just as the Tesco delivery arrived. So we quickly dumped the groceries in the car park, then I brought the boat into the marina and reversed into position.
Ernie the fitter got started on the service, while I ferried the shopping to Mags at the side hatch.
While there we got a replacement gas cylinder and 4 more bags of fuel, so left the marina with the boat heavier, but the wallet quite a bit lighter!

Orchard Marina
The new manager, Gary, seems a pleasant enough chap. He’s only been there a few weeks, so I’ll look for changes when we pass this way again next year.

We got away about 13:00, and were moored at Billinge Green Flash a short while later. Pretty busy with boats, half-term holidays to blame, I guess.

Locks none, miles 1½.

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