Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We stayed at the mooring on the edge of Marbury Wood for a few days. The fine dry weather gave me a chance to touch up a few “bruises” on the hull, incurred on the last bits of the L&L.

Misty mornings and fine days.
It also gave me and Meg an excuse for some splendid long walks through the woods, and in the Anderton Nature Reserve. Meg is in her element here. Lots of dogs to play with, and squirrels to chase, when we’re not playing ball.

Autumn Colours
I walked in to the edge of Northwich for a bit of shopping on Friday. Dot, John and Paul were arriving at the Anderton lift on Sunday to see us, and we needed provisions.

Left around 10 on Sunday morning, made a quick stop at the services and arrived at the 24 hour moorings near the lift around 11. Got the dinner started, then I took the hairy one up in the reserve to have a look around.

Sunbathing heron on the way to Anderton
20 minutes later our visitors arrived, and we had a pleasant afternoon, eating and chatting. They’d bought our latest lot of mail with them too. Beautiful weather, warm and sunny. They left about 3, so I put the aerial up, took Meg out for her constitutional, and then settled down to watch Lewis Hamilton lose the F1 world championship in Brazil. It must have been desperately disappointing to be let down by the car that’s been so reliable all season. Still, Raikonnen had put in the work to be a deserved winner. I’m glad Alonso didn’t get it though, after all the snide comments there have been this year.

We moved back to the edge of Marbury Wood yesterday morning, then today did the 3½ miles to just short of Orchard Marina. I’d rung on Friday to book an engine and gearbox service for tomorrow morning, and we’ve also arranged a Tesco delivery at the same time.
I was surprised to learn that Mike Rimmer is no longer there, having moved back to Liverpool Boats. I’ll meet the new guy tomorrow morning.

Leaving Marbury Wood
Busy as usual at Wincham Wharf
It’s been another lovely day, sunny with deep blue skies.

Since last post – Locks none, miles 5½.

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