Friday, October 05, 2007

Woke up to a very misty morning, but with a promise of a fine, bright day to come. We decided to fill with diesel at the marina before moving off, so it was nearly 11:00 before we got away.

The couple of derelict boats at Salterforth have been removed by BW. Just a heap of debris on the quay awaiting collection.

Arrived at Foulridge Tunnel at just around noon, and had a few minutes to wait before we could enter. Very wet inside, with streams of water coming out of the roof in places, but the damp had allowed some impressive flowstone sculptures to develop.

Eastern Portal of Foulridge Tunnel. The spot is the other end, 1640 yards away.
Formations in the tunnel
Out into the sunshine about 20 minutes later, and on to Barrowford and the 7 locks at the start of the long descent to Liverpool. These are some of the best kept locks, in the most attractive setting, we’ve come across. Such a pity they lead down into the mill towns of Nelson and Burnley.

Barrowford Top Lock
Barrowford Locks

All were in our favour, so it took us only about 1¼ hours to get to the bottom. On around the edge of Nelson, where we believe we were shot at by a couple of youths lurking around a corner with an air pistol. We heard the pop as the gun went off before we saw the miscreants, but there’s no damage to the boat. At that range, the pellet probably wouldn’t reach anyway.

Glassless mill. Probably that air pistol.
Glad to be clear of the town, we entered the short rural-ish bit before Burnley, and found a suitable spot to spend the night. A 5 hour day, but we’ll have a short one tomorrow.

Between Nelson and Burnley, Pendle Hill on horizon.
Along the summit level there were extensive patches of green scum on the water's surface. Is this the toxic blue-green algae we've heard about?

Locks 7, miles 9.

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