Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We wanted to catch the 10:30 entry “window” for Preston Brook Tunnel, so were on the move at 09:50.

Saw this very young family of ducklings just down the canal. Could this be the last clutch of the year?
Followed another boat into the tunnel, and had to wait to go through the stop lock just the other side. Although only rising 4” it plays a role in safeguarding the water levels on the Trent and Mersey and Bridgewater. If the Bridgewater Canal were in the hands of BW instead of the Manchester Ship Canal Co. (Peel Holdings), it is possible that the levels could be equalised so the lock could be left open except in an emergency. As it is, it’s a bottleneck for boats leaving the tunnel.

Dutton Stop Lock
You can tell the season is almost over. The Black Prince base at Acton Bridge was bursting at the seams with moored boats.

Acton Bridge
2¼ hours and a drop of rain later we were in Saltersford Tunnel, coming out into the rain again at 12:55. Meg was due a “comfort break”, so we pulled over in the basin just before Barnton Tunnel and had lunch as well.

Followed another couple of boats through the last tunnel of the day, passed the Anderton Lift and dropped rubbish off at the Sanitary Station, and were moored at our favourite spot just on the edge of Marbury Woods by 15:00.
Finally, when the traffic had eased, about 18:30, we turned the boat around. We prefer the left side to the bank if possible.

Locks 1, miles 9.

PS Can't publish pictures tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.
Update 18th Oct - Looks like they've fixed the problem.

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markcampbell said...

Hi there, love the blog. I publish my own narrowboat based blog,
It's just a bit of fun while at work, Plese feel free to let me know any thoughts you have on it.
my email is
If you're ever coming through the town of Church then email me and I'll keep an eye for you.
I found you because I was searching for Grey Dog narrowboat, I saw it last Wednesday and thought I recognised the person on board. I'm still not sure, although his name was also Paul, so there is a good chance that it is.

Keep up the good work.

Please get in touch, maybe we can come up with someway to link our 2 blogs?

kind Regards


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