Thursday, October 11, 2007

A pretty grey sort of day today. And cool too. I actually put jeans on instead of shorts this morning!

Away at around 11, no rush, we’ve got a steady 9 miles or so without locks to the edge of Wigan. It’s surprisingly rural around Chorley, as the canal skirts the town to the East.

Botany Bay Outlet Village. The building used to be British Leyland Truck and Bus.
I seem to be collecting photos of motorway bridges. This is the M61 North of Chorley.
The rest of the long pound down to Wigan is pretty countryside only interrupted briefly by Adlington.
A long line of moored boats line the way into the town, ending at White Bear Marina. Last spring we came here to have a look at a boat for sale called Jackal. Not impressed. Then had a look at a new boat for sale. Not impressed with that, either.

White Bear Marina.
When you’ve not cruised a particular waterway before, you tend to try to organise night halts based on the map, and sometimes come unstuck. So I always make notes of suitable looking spots as we go along.

Like this stretch, South of Adlington.
There are also 48 hour Visitor Moorings at Red Rock Bridge, no 63.
The pleasant cruise continues in a pretty straight line SE to Wigan Top Lock, passing Haigh Hall Country Park with its golf course on the side of the canal. Do golf balls float? Didn’t see any in the water as we went past.

Golf Course.
We needed to stop before the top lock, as we’re planning an early start tomorrow to get through the 23 locks as soon as possible. So we pulled over near Springs Bridge and I had a walk down to the locks to check out mooring opportunities. Then we moved down and stopped next to the services just at the head of the flight.

Overnight mooring and top lock.
I took Meg for a walk down the locks this evening.

Some of them ain’t ‘alf deep!
On the way back Meg stood on a wasp and was stung at least twice. She hopped back on 3 legs, feeling very sorry for herself. I think she felt a little better after I bathed her paw with cold water, though.

Sore Paw.
Locks none, miles 9½.

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