Thursday, August 09, 2007

We’ve decided to travel in company with Dave and Barbara on NB LIBERTY BELL, at least as far as Castleford. There they’ll turn left to Wakefield, and we’ll go right up into Leeds. They are good company, and have more local knowledge than us (which is none!).

We got off at 10:00, and had a steady run down through 6 lift or swing bridges to Thorne. We got onto the visitor moorings here, as D & B are having friends visiting tonight.

There is an interesting railway bridge just this side of Keadby, where the whole trackbed slides sideways to clear the navigation.

Keadby Railway Bridge
Godnow Swing Bridge, typical of those on this stretch.
As we come through Thorne, the visitor moorings are just on the right after a road bridge. What we didn’t expect was ANOTHER swing bridge, this time for pedestrians, just next to the road bridge. Apparently it’s only been built in last 18 months, and doesn’t appear in the guide books.

New Footbridge
Thorne Moorings
Locks 0, miles 10½

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