Monday, August 20, 2007

Helped a couple of novice boating crews up through the first lock, then followed them up into Gargrave. Through the 2 remaining locks and stopped on the visitor moorings near the centre of the village. Handy for everything, shops and visitors. The weather has been a little better, drier though still cool.

Gargrave Visitor Moorings
An old work colleague, Fred, lives nearby, so I gave him a call. He and Mary, (his wife) called in to see us as they were passing, then picked us up on the way back and took us home for tea. Meg enjoyed running around the garden, then getting lost in all the different rooms. A pleasant evening, then Fred dropped us back at the boat. We’ll try to get together for a day trip on the boat while we’re still here.

On a related subject, Mags has sweet-talked the docs into changing the dates for her tests. We’ve now got appointments for the 6th and 11th September. This fits in well, as I’ve got to hire a car for the 9th to get me to Sheffield for the 10k, so I can get it for a little longer.

It’s pleasant here in Gargrave, we’ll stay here for 3 days then move out into the wilds for a few days.

Ducks fighting over bread
Locks 3, miles 1. No more swing bridges now till near Wigan!

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