Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just a short run into Skipton today, though with 6 swing bridges to deal with, it took a little time. The weather has been poor again, overcast and showery. It’s still pleasant scenery though, even with the A65 shadowing the canal for much of the way.

Near Skipton
Into Skipton and found a mooring near Gallows Bridge (No 179).

Into Skipton
George and Christine came over this afternoon, mail and a new phone to replace the one in Zouch lock. BAD NEWS. Mags’ 2 appointments for her annual MOT were arranged for the 24th August and the 6th of September. Some administrative cock-up has meant they are having the re-arrange appointments, the new dates they’ve got for us are 6th and 27th September! This means we’ll have to hang around here for another 6 weeks! Nothing wrong with the area at all, but it'll get a little tedious. Mags is going to ring the surgery on Monday to see if we can re-rearrange.

Locks 0, miles 4½, bridges 6.

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