Sunday, August 05, 2007

Intended a short day today, hoping to moor soon after Gunthorpe Bridge, but it was not to be.
The day was warm at 07:30, and turned into a scorcher, blue skies with just the occasional cloud all day.
We left Stoke lock at 09:30, Mags was glad to be away from the high concrete wall we’d moored against last night.
Out onto the open water again, and making good time with the strong current. I calculated 6½ MPH.

Heading towards Stoke Bardolph and the Ferry Boat Inn
On through Gunthorpe Bridge, and into the lock. The moorings here were full as is usual apparently. This set the scene for the rest of the day.

Trentside Marina, Gunthorpe
Gravel Barge tied up just below Gunthorpe Lock
The first option to stop over was at the next lock, Hazelford, but apart from a short length of high wall like at Stoke, there were no spaces. We’re started to feel a little out of place, with all these fancy white cruisers knocking about. The narrowboats are outnumbered by about 10-1.

So we pressed on towards Newark, checking out the villages of Fiskerton and Farndon on the way. Still no mooring opportunities when we got to the large Averham Weir, where the Newark Dyke continues into the town as the river describes a long loop to the east.

Averham Weir
On into Newark and poor Meg had her legs, eyes and even ears crossed by this time, so we pulled onto the first available space to let her have a run around. Less than ideal location for an overnight stop though, so I walked up to Town Lock and had a word with the lockie. The upshot of the conversation was a short run through Town Lock and out of town through Newark Nether Lock, where we tied up. A far more pleasant spot even with the railway in close proximity, well worth a can of beer for the advice.

Newark BW Maintenance Yard, with the remains of Newark Castle in the distance
Moored at Newark Nether Lock
While sat on the bank in the sunshine, we were hailed by NB LIBERTY BELLE. Apparently they are going through Cromwell on the same tide as us on Tuesday, and are also stopping over at Torksey. So we’ll have some company heading down the tideway.

On an entirely different subject – we’ve just been watching the news and Mags says she’s feeling sorry for Gordon Brown. Since taking office he’s had to contend with terrorist attacks, extensive flooding and now a new Foot & Mouth outbreak. She’s blaming Blair, at least for the last one, he never liked him anyway. It’s his fault, or the chap with the big ears from DEFRA who’s just been on TV. (I think she should take some more coke with the scotch).

Locks 5, miles 17.

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