Friday, August 10, 2007

A later start today, after shopping up in Thorne. It’s a nice town, with a pedestrianised centre and just about every shop you could want, including 4 butchers and 3 bakers!

Got away at 10:55, just 5 minutes to Thorne Lock. We were followed by a charity trip boat working out of Blue Water Marina, so locked them through first so they could keep to schedule.

Locking Through Thorne Lock
On down the Stainforth & Keadby, through Bramwith Lock, the only one we had to manually open today. The rest are mechanised, as are most of the 8 swing or lift bridges we passed.

Swung north round the tight bend at Bramwith Junction onto the New Junction Canal.

Going round the bend? Bramwith Junction.
The 5½ mile length of this linking canal is dead straight, starting and ending with aqueducts over the rivers Don and Went

Guillotine Gates at the Don Aqueduct
Aqueduct over the River Went
About ⅔ along, the navigation falls about 7 feet through the large Sykehouse Lock, with a swing bridge strategically sited across the middle of the chamber.

Sykehouse Lock, room for a few more boats! You can only see part of the lock, there is a lot more behind the camera!

20 minutes from the lock we turned left onto the Aire and Calder Navigation, a major commercial artery from South and West Yorkshire to Goole Docks.

Aire and Calder
We got moored up just below Pollington Lock,at around 15:45, after a very warm day, so a cold beer on the towpath was very welcome!

Mags, with Barbara and Dave, NB LIBERTY BELL
A message for Mags at Thorne Lock?
Locks 3, miles 12

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