Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nearly out of essential supplies, and we need to water and empty the loos, so we set off today to Barnoldswick.

We’ve had a splendid few days here, warm and dry. Long walks with Meg, and using the time to get one side of the boat repainted below the gunwhale. This is the area that takes most of the knocks in locks or when mooring, so is frequently scratched.

Damage repairs in progress…
.. And finished
Even though it was a Bank Holiday last weekend, it wasn’t too busy on the towpath.
The canal here bends sharply backward and forward around the low hills. Some of the bends are sharp enough to justify a roller to guide the tow-rope around the corner.

Corner Roller
The weather has changed again today, though. Back to cool and showery, with a breeze. Up to Greenberfield locks, another flight in a very attractive setting. There are only 3 locks here, and then the BW service point at the top. We are now on the summit level, the highest point on the canal. The locks both ahead and behind us all lead downhill.

Another 20 minutes and we were moored near bridge 154A, and I set off into “Barlick”, bound for the Co-op. Essentials restocked, I then took Meg on a walk down the towpath to the boatyard at bridge 152. At Apperly Bridge I’d forgotten to get Elsan Blue for the loos, and this was the only chance for the next couple of weeks.

Looking down on Barnoldswick
So it was nearly 16:00 when we set off back to Greenberfield and our out-of-the-way mooring. Had a couple of abortive attempts to moor not far after the locks, but we didn’t get tied up till nearly 19:00, near East Marton.

Double-arch bridge near East Marton
Seems like quite a long day, but the batteries are fully charged.

Locks 6, miles 7

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