Saturday, August 11, 2007

A fairly uneventful day today. We got off from Pollington at around half-past ten. Followed “Fusedale H”, loaded with sand, up the lock.

“Fusedale H” and Pollington Lock
Through the lock looking puny by comparison, and on along the long straight sections of this waterway to Whitley Lock
The canal continues it’s fairly straight run westwards to Knottingley, where there is a bit more interest in the form of the Aire going off to the right towards Selby and York. There are a fair few large barges moored around the junction.

River Aire off to the left
From Ferrybridge Flood Lock we were on the river, enjoying wooded banks and it’s winding course to Castleford.

River Aire
Bulholme Lock takes the navigation back onto canal again, through Castleford to Castleford Junction, where the Calder goes straight on and the Aire goes right up to Leeds. Our route for tomorrow.

In Bulholme Lock
We stopped just short of the flood lock for the night. The day has been warm and mostly sunny. The forecast is for changes next week though.

Castleford Mooring
In the morning we part company with Dave and Barbara. They are going on to Wakefield, following the Calder, while we head for Leeds. It’s been good having traveling companions these last 5 days. I hope they've enjoyed our company as much as we've enjoyed theirs. I’ve no doubt we’ll keep in touch and meet again at some point.

Locks 3, miles 14.

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