Monday, August 06, 2007

Apart from the trains, we had a quiet night at Nether Lock although there was a noisy boat with half a dozen youngsters on board that came down the lock at around 9 o’clock. Had a bit of a lie-in, then after Meg’s walk gave the engine bay a good going over, checking not just fluid levels, but all electrical connections and the batteries as well. The tidal Trent is not a good place to break down!

We left the lock at just before 12, and after a very gentle run downstream arrived at Cromwell lock at 12:50.

The Trent returns below Nether Lock, after it's trip around Newark
The A1 crossing on Winthorpe Bridge. Right is Edinburgh, left is London. The next road crossing is at Dunham, 15 miles downstream.
Booked in with the lock-keeper, and confirmed our passage through the lock tomorrow morning.

Cromwell Lock
A little later, NB LIBERTY BELL (note the corrected spelling) arrived, and we introduced each other and swapped phone numbers. I was hoping that they’d had experience of the tideway, and they have, but in the other direction. I’m sure it’ll be fine, we’re splitting the trip into 2 with the stop-over at Torksey, so the first section is short, only about 15 miles, and should only take around 2½ hours with tide and current behind us.

The lock area is busy with boats moored, but not so many travelling. There has been a convoy of 4 boats coming south from Keadby, and a couple going north, just to Torksey I suspect.

On the tide this evening, the gravel barge BATTLESTONE set off northward.
Locks none, Miles 5.

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