Monday, August 13, 2007

Apart from 3 youths on loud motorcycles passing on the towpath at 10:30, we had a quiet night. An early start this morning saw us arrive at the first lock of the day at 08:30. Threatening grey clouds saw us out of the city, 2 or 3 times breaking into heavy showers. But it was still warm.

We carried on up to Oddy Locks, a 2 rise staircase, and met Paddy, one of the BW team assisting boats up the 3 staircase flights in the next 5 miles.

Paddy and Oddy locks
A short pound saw us at Spring Garden Lock, followed by a 45 minute cruise to the 3 rise staircase of Forge Locks.

Now we’re out of the city, we’re following a green corridor along the Aire valley. It’s really quite attractive, and I imagine popular walking at the weekends.

Near Kirkstall
Forge Locks
After Forge comes Newlay 3 Locks, the last of the locks for today.

Newlay 3 locks
The staircases are in need of some TLC, with some gate replacement scheduled for this winter. Even with the help of the BW team assigned to the locks, passage is slow.

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is notorious for its swing bridges, and we came across 4 of these after the locks. Nothing too difficult, though.

It’s been an interesting few days, with the Trent, the South Yorkshire Navigations, Aire & Calder and Leeds. But we’re glad to be back on a narrowboat sized waterway, even though it has heavy broad locks and lots of difficult swing bridges. We’re also looking forward to a few nights moored out in the wilds, an opportunity we’ve not had since leaving the Soar.

Locks 11, miles 6, swing bridges 4

I’m recording the bridges as well on the L&L.

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