Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We’ve had a very pleasant weekend at Great Haywood, the weather was fine, and there were good opportunities for walks with Meg. Even with dry weather, she still manages to come back muddy, though. Must be something to do with being between the canal and the Trent…

Moored alongside Shugborough Estate

We’ll definitely stop here again, next time we’re passing. When Meg is old enough to be left on the boat on her own, we’d like to have a look around Shugborough Hall.
It’s been pretty busy with boats up and down all weekend, and walkers on the towpath.

Essex Bridge over the Trent
The Sow (left) joins the Trent just above the bridge

There’s a coal (and other canal related things) boat moored at Tixall Wide, just a short run down the Staffs and Worcester Canal from the junction, so today we watered etc. at the junction, and cruised down to pick up some smokeless fuel. Probably the last we’ll buy till the autumn. Staying here on the wide overnight, then heading back to the junction and turning left to head up towards Stoke.

Coal Boats

Moored just along from us is NB Ebenezer, first met at Kilby Bridge in September, then again at Tamworth. We had a chance to catch up with the news with Mike and Marion. They’d been down at Norbury Junction when a couple and their dog were found suffocated, with CO poisoning, on their cruiser. Put a bit of a dampener on their trip. They invited us to visit next time we’re near where they live at Braunston. Such is the friendliness you find on the canals.

Tixall Wide.

Locks 1, miles ¾

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