Wednesday, April 04, 2007

After a chilly night, the day started fine and bright.
I took Meg for her early walk, and was advised by a local to avoid Andre Mills Bridge, because of a cantankerous pair of nesting swans. Apparently they had knocked one chap over, causing him to break his hip, and had attacked a German Shepherd dog which cut itself on barbed wire while running away! So we kept clear and I made sure Meg was inside when we cruised past a little later. They have 5 or 6 eggs in the nest.

Stroppy Swan
We got off at 09:45, and arrived in Stone by 10:30. Found a spot on the visitor moorings below Star Lock, and had a stroll into town for a few bits and bobs.
We both like Stone, nicely compact with everything you might need. And the people are friendly, too.

Back on the move at 12:00, up through Star and Yard Locks to Stone Boatbuilding. Filled up with the red stuff at £81 for 154 litres. It’ll cost nearer £200 after November next year, when we have to use road diesel.

Topped off the water tank and emptied the loo at the BW services, then up the last 2 locks through the town.

The 4 Meaford Locks followed shortly, then an hour later we were mooring up at the Wedgewood factory moorings near Oldroad Bridge.

Above Meaford Locks
Oldroad Bridge moorings

At this time of year, the days don’t get much better than this. Blue skies all day, a gentle breeze, and all the locks in our favour. And still an hour or so sitting on the towpath before it got too cool to be comfortable.

Meg and I had a walk back to the small supermarket at bridge 103 to pick up the one essential store I’d forgotten in Stone. The whisky!

Locks 8, miles 5½

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