Thursday, April 19, 2007

The weather is staying much the same, still bright but cool in the breeze. We got away at 09:50, straight into the first lock of the Wheelock flight. Despite most of the locks being against us, we arrived at Wheelock at around 11:40.

Malkins Bank Canal Services specialise in historic boats
Lock 66Used the facilities, and topped up dog food stores at the pet supply shop, then set off. We were following another boat who weren’t in any hurry, but nor were we, having planned to stop after about an hour.
As the weather was so good though, we decided to press on to Middlewich, arriving at about 15:30.

Moored near Kings Lock.
Tried the fish and chips near the lock again, the last time they were a bit ropey, I’m pleased to say they’re back to their normal standard.

Locks 12, miles 8.

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Lee said...

Hi. I just came upon your blog. And this is so amazing to me. I never new that there were boats like this. Where area do you reside in? Does the boat have everything you need, kind of like a mobile home would have? Sorry for the silly questions, but I think this is so adventurous to me. And I thought RVing was cool.