Friday, April 13, 2007

Another “2 for the price of 1” entry, today.

After a quiet night on Wednesday, Mags sister Dot, and her husband John arrived around 11:00. Caught up with the news and took delivery of prescriptions, a package of running gear (including some new shoes) for me, and some cable I’d ordered to connect up the inverter remote in the galley. Thanks again, Dot.

Dot took Mags shopping to Asda, while John and I spent the time chatting and boat sitting.

We untied around 16:00, up to the junction to turn around and back down to the lift bridge where we transferred a car boot full of supplies onto the boat. Then we said our goodbyes and set off back towards Marple.

We stopped for the night, after a couple of stops to clear the prop, just after Hyde Bank tunnel. A couple walking past as we were tying up told us we had stopped in a magical place. I have to agree. The slopes of the Goyt valley are full of birds and other wildlife, and the architecture of the aqueduct and adjacent railway viaduct is really impressive.

Overnight near Hyde Bank Tunnel.Views of the aqueduct and viaduct.A bright morning this morning saw us heading off for the 10 minutes to Marple Bottom Lock. We had a really good run up the flight, with most of the locks in our favour and not another boat, apart from a BW workboat setting off for some tree trimming, to be seen! 2½ hours from bottom to top.

And here I have an apology to make to any “Marple-ites” I may have offended by my comment on the last post. The flight is really attractive, well maintained and with well manicured sides. The lower half runs out into the country, while the upper section climbs into the town. As you enter the town from this direction, you see an entirely different aspect, giving a far better impression.

Coming up Lock 13We used the Sanitary Station at the junction, then through the “not so nice” bit on the Macclesfield and out into countryside again.

On through Poynton, busy with boats and towpath walkers.


Moored for the night between Br 19 and 20, a pretty spot but also a popular one. We’re one of 4 boats here tonight.

Spotted at Lyme View Marina, maybe we should have bought this one…..?

Locks 16, miles 13 (both days)

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