Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another bright and breezy day. Went back up to Hall Green on my morning run, and had a chance to say cheerio to Mike and Liz on NB SNECKLIFTER before they set off for Harecastle Tunnel and points south.

We moved off from Church Lawton around 09:45. Fairly busy with boats for a start, then quieter later.

Came upon the working pair Mountbatten and Jellicoe near Snapes Aqueduct, and took advantage of 48p/litre for the red stuff to fill up. While chatting, we found out that these boats have the distinction of originally working on the River Weaver, and were the first commercial carriers to use the newly restored Anderton Lift, carrying lock gates for the T&M.

Mountbatten and Jellicoe.

I calculate that we’re still running at around 1 litre/hour.

We moored near bridge 148, just below Hassel Green, at around 13:30.A fine evening, with a beautiful sunset.

Locks 12, miles 3½.

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