Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick visits to the paper shop and Kings Lock Chandlery meant that we left today at about 09:45.

We followed an Anderton boat down the locks, they are due back to the boatyard tomorrow after a week spent on the Cheshire Ring.

Lock 74 and Andersen Boats hire base.
They were not the only boat moving in Middlewich, there were several boats in each direction, but no-one to share with when we got to Big Lock. Such is life.

A gentle cruise along this very attractive stretch north of the town brought us to Billinge Green Flash, where we’ll stay for the weekend. Planning application for a marina here has recently been declined. It would be a shame to develop such a pleasant spot.

North of Middlewich
This wreck doesn’t get better with time….

Last October


Billinge Green Flash

On Monday we go the last mile to Orchard Marina, where we’re booked in for bottom blacking, and I’m going to make some changes to the interior layout. Watch this space!

Spent a bit of time playing football with Meg. She cheats!
Locks 5, miles 4½

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Suzielou said...

Gidday Big Brother

This is your sister here just over the way in beautiful NZ.

Just catching up with your latest conquests.I try to catch up every couple of weeks.

Love the photo of you playing with Meg she's just gorgeous

See you and Margaret soon