Monday, April 16, 2007

We stayed put for Sunday, I took advantage of the fine weather to scrub the roof, wash the towpath side of the cabin, and polish a bit of brass.

The gentle tap of a marine diesel on tickover at around 06:30 was SNECKLIFTER moving off down to the locks.

Overnight the fridge had shut down due to low voltage, which was a surprise considering the length of time the engine has been run recently. I’d checked the batteries yesterday so knew they were OK, so fired up the engine to check the charge rate. This was well down, less than 10 amps. The problem was a loose connection on the primary charge wire on the alternator, putting a high resistance in the circuit and causing heat which charred the insulation.
After restoring this and another loose terminal, the charge rate returned to 40 – 50 amps as expected.

After this remedial work, we got away at just before 10:00, down to the top lock of the Bosley flight for water and services, in cool, misty weather.

Towards Bosley Locks.
Had to fill most of the locks before passing down, but even so we cleared the bottom lock by 10 to 12, and stopped for lunch just past the lock landing.

View from the Dane Aqueduct.
The weather started to clear soon after lunch, leading to a fine, sunny afternoon, but cooler than the last couple of days. We passed SNECKLIFTER just before Congleton, we’ll probably not see them again as they head south down the T&M when we head north.

Stopped for the night near bridge 86, where we spent the Easter weekend.

Locks 12, miles 8½

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