Thursday, April 05, 2007

We left the mooring at 09:50 this morning. It was cool and misty, and overcast. But by midday the sun was starting to show itself. Up to Trentham Lock, where we were caught up by a hire boat out of Anderton, doing the 4 Counties Ring. They've only got 2 days to get back to base, so I told them to go past us when they came up behind, which they did after a couple of miles.

The locks up through Stoke haven’t improved since the last time we were here. Slow to fill and with heavy gates.

The lock landing for the Bottom Lock is under a road bridge, and covered in pigeon poo.

Waiting for the lock.

And in the lock

The next lock, Cockshutts, is almost under a wide railway bridge.

Waiting in the “Black Hole”

The next 2 aren’t too bad, then the top lock, with a rise of about 14 feet, is the last, up to the summit level.

Approaching the top lock

It’s a long way down…

All in all, we’ve climbed 62 feet today.

Regeneration is still continuing in the town.

Shelton Ironworks site being cleared, probably for a Tesco?

The works used to straddle the canal, and is said to be the inspiration for Poe’s short story, “The Cone”.

Site for more canalside “des res’s”.

I’m sure there was an old pottery here last time we came through…..

Another hour saw us at Westport Lake, to stop for the night. We had to squeeze through at Longport Wharf.
Meg relaxing in the sun after a hard day..

Locks 6, miles 7½

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