Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Away from our overnight stop at around 09:30. Grey and overcast, but with a promise of sunny periods later.

Bosley Lock 6 and The Cloud.
The canal remains attractively rural, even Macclesfield and Bollington don’t intrude too much, being mainly below the canal level.

Hovis Mill in Macclesfield. Now desirable canalside apartments, of course.
The navigation maintains this final lock-free section by driving through deep cuttings and across embankments and aqueducts. The edge of the Peak District is a constant presence to the East.

Hilly Bits
Quite a few boats moving today, we seemed to meet each one at a bridge or narrow section. The 2 swing bridges were easy, though. The first was operated by the crew of a preceding boat, and the second was left open. No problem there, then!

Passing Lyme View Marina, near Poynton, Mags spotted a couple of Orchard boats. One was No 59, on sale earlier this year.

We stopped about a mile short of the junction, on the edge of Marple. I took Meg for a walk up to the junction, but couldn’t get to the locks on the towpath due to construction work. Not impressed with Marple, at least from this stretch of canal. It seems to be one of those towns that shows its bum, rather than its face, to boaters.

Near Bridge 19, we passed NB “Snecklifter”. Mike and Liz’s narrowboat blog was the first I came across, and the inspiration for this journal.

NB Snecklifter.

Locks none, miles 15.

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