Saturday, April 14, 2007

Broke the Golden Rule today – never travel at weekends, especially if the weather is good. So, what can I say about today’s trip?
Met lots of boats – those going in the opposite direction always seemed to appear at a bridge, narrows, or shallow corner. I can’t remember how many times we ran aground. Those going in the same direction always seemed to want to go that little bit faster than us. This makes me uneasy, I feel I should go that bit faster than I am comfortable with. I’d normally wave boats past, but it’s not easy on this canal with such shallow margins.

Had to clear the prop of rubbish twice, not including being able to spin it clear with a quick burst in reverse. I’ve got a heap of plastic, twine, fishing line and carrier bags, sitting on the aft swim, waiting to be bagged and disposed of.

Nearly trapped a car between the 2 barriers on a lift bridge, should have read the instructions more thoroughly….

A long queue in Bollington Co-op for a newspaper.

But the plus points… It has been a beautiful day, so I can’t honestly begrudge those boaters who can only get out at weekends.

And we moored not far past NB SNECKLIFTER (see previous post) in a lovely spot about ½ mile before the Bosley flight of locks. I took the opportunity to go and have a chat.

Saw 3 lots of ducklings, the biggest family being 15! I wonder how may will survive.

Oh, and I finished the decoration on the cratch board last night.We’ve decided not to move tomorrow. The roof needs a good scrub, and the brasses need cleaning. Any excuse, eh.

Locks none, miles 9½

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Mark/Mel and Family said...

Hi Mags/Geoff
So Mags what are you doing under the bridge a couple of post previous' spying on the urinators or dealing drugs.??

Excellent Blogg Geoff
great to see where you've been and read about your adventures.All are loves hope to see you soon.
Mark/Mel and the girls