Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Started out to do a 4½ mile training run and got lost (again). Finished up doing only 3¾. A grey morning after overnight rain, but brightening.
Through Saddington Tunnel, saw the bat boxes but no bats that the tunnel is known for.

Saddington Tunnel

Filled with diesel at Debdale wharf, dipped the tank before hand so can now calculate the size of the tank and average consumption. I reckon we have 160 Lts capacity, and are running at just under 1 Lt/hr, combined for the engine and heating.
Bought a waterways map for sister-in-law Doris at Foxton during our 25 minute wait to start. Once away took just under an hour with no mishaps to clear the complete flight. Longer queue waiting to come down, mostly Canaltime boats. Had a 45 minute breather at the top to give Bruno a chance to stretch his legs after being kept inside all the way up.

Outstanding views from the top.

Margaret is now feeling far more confident now she has overcome this hurdle.
Stopped at 15:00 at a very quiet spot near Lubbenham Lodge Bridge, No 58, with views across the valley.
Spent an hour rewiring the satellite dish cable through the normal aerial connector so the cable doesn’t have to come through a window.

5½ miles, 10 locks (Foxton)

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