Monday, September 18, 2006

Off at about 10:30 down through the 3 Hillmorton Locks. These are paired and numbered 2 & 3, 4 & 5, and 6 & 7, from bottom to top. I wonder what happened to lock 1?
Stopped at lunchtime at Bridge 58 in Rugby to visit Tesco’s, mainly for dog food.We decided to do a wash on during the afternoon run, so started the machine. However, it stopped part way through it’s cycle. On investigation, there was no power coming from the inverter. A 200A fuse in the battery feed had failed, and also showed signs of heat damage.I rang Mike at Orchard to advise him of the situation, and also to tell him that the inverter fitted was only rated at 1.3KVA, and not 1.8 as assumed. As the washer is rated at 1300w average, this is obviously under specified. I then rang Rose Narrowboats at Stretton Stop, who were the nearest boatyard, and arranged to call in the following morning.
Continued on to our overnight at All Oaks Wood, a very popular spot for mooring, through Newbold Tunnel with it's fancy lighting scheme.

Newbold Tunnel

It makes you wonder if this would still have gone ahead if BW knew they were going to get the funding cuts recently announced.

3 Locks, 7 Miles

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Eleanor said...

Willmar has set up the cnal maps on our favourites so that I can follow your journey. You've certainly covered a lot of waterway. It amazes me how many canals there are. Good to hear things are slowly working out.
Love from us both, Eleanor