Friday, September 22, 2006

Lost the peg bag last night! Hung it on the door while we pegged out the washing, it was very blustery and it disappeared. Must have gone over the side, groped around with the boat hook to no avail, and kept a sharp lookout for the first mile or so, but no luck. So apologies in advance to anyone who has to disentangle a tartan bag filled with pegs from their prop between bridge 48 and 49.
Overcast start to the day, with rain forecast for later. Into Tamworth and joined the queue for the Glascote locks. These, like Atherstone, are slow to fill and quick to empty, so take a while to pass. We were clear by about 13:00.
Heading down to Fazeley the forecasted rain started with a vengeance, so we pulled over and had lunch waiting for it to ease.
We left it for an hour, but, with no sign of it slowing, decided to press on to get clear of Tamworth. Passed Fazeley junction and the attractive Peels Wharf in the rain, so are now, for a while on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.

Peel Wharf

Had enough by Hopwas, so stopped on the visitor moorings in the village. Bit too near 2 pubs for our liking, though.

2 Locks, 10 Miles.

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