Tuesday, September 19, 2006

As arranged we stopped at Rose Narrowboats in the morning to have the 240v system checked out.
Colin was very helpful and informative, advised that we should be running a minimum 2.0kva inverter, with the wiring upgraded to suit. He suggested we should look at Mastervolt or Victron as these are very reliable units. He did point out that the Studer fitted is also well thought of, just too low capacity for this installation.
After changing the fuse holder and fuse, we were on our way again. Many thanks to Colin and Roger.
I spoke to Mike at Orchard, and we have arranged to take the boat back up to Northwich to have the necessary upgrade work carried out. This will be after the cratch frame and cover are fitted at Redhill, the first week in October.
Heading towards Hawkesbury at our usual sedate pace, we were overtaken by an idiot in a hurry who, with the help of a stiff cross wind, ran us aground on the offside. Took us 5 minutes to get moving again.
Stopped for the night about 1 mile short of Hawkesbury.

0 locks, 7¼ miles.


jackie said...

Hi Nan, Geoff
Hope your having a good time?
Did you get my last message?

Hope you had a good Birthday!

Dad will send you some pictures of the kids christening.
I will give you a ring soon.

Take Care

All my love Nichola.

carol & amanda said...

Hello me hearties.
In answer to your question, I use IE6 - with no rel problems, only if the file size of the pic is too large then it takes ages, so i knock it down in photoshop.

let us know where and when you will be around and we will come and sniff you out!

good luck in the great north run, although, im sure for you now it will be like a walk in the park!

lots of love from us. xx

Val & Neil said...

Hi Mum and Geoff,
We've been enjoying your Blog. Hope you had a great birthday Mum. Everyone in Canada is doing fine. Winter is creeping up on us and we're just waiting for the snow. Miss you both, and Bruno.
Love Val and Neil

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