Saturday, September 09, 2006

Left Gee’s Lock at about 09:30. Although probably not the best spot to stop over, we’ve not been disturbed through the night. Steady run through the 6 locks to Kilby Bridge, but the locks on the paddles (if they’ve not been cut off by the locals!) are a nuisance. These were fitted by BW to prevent the local yobs from draining the pounds, but you have to undo and re-lock at least 4, sometimes 6 if the lock is against you. Still, sign of the times, I suppose. This, combined with the weight of the gates, makes this section hard work.
Arrived at Kilby Bridge BW maintenance yard about 14:00, watered and emptied the loo and rubbish, and decided to stop here over Sunday for some R&R. There is a small general store about 20 minutes walk away, so we can stock up on essentials.

Reflections at Kilby Bridge


6 Locks, 4 miles.

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willy said...

I see the captain is out front! Val and Neil were here last week for a visit and we're off to see them again next week. We were enjoying the blog.
Love, Eleanor