Thursday, September 07, 2006

Having had a quick look at Watermead Country Park when I took Bruno for a walk last night, we decided it deserved a better look. So when Dave from BKPS rang, we arranged for the engine service today, and planned to stay here for another night.
Moved back down through the lock to improve access from the road, and Dave arrived at 10:00.

Birstall Lock

While he was busy, we had another go at setting up the satellite TV, now that we know the kit is operational. Set it up, lined up and got a signal straight away! I guess it’s an acquired skill.
When Dave had finished we took the boat a couple of hundred yards downstream so he could listen to a transmission whine I was uncomfortable with. He reassured me that it was normal, coming from the gearbox.
He left at around 13:30, job done and with some helpful hints for me.
When we moored up again I had to realign the dish, which I did with no problem. Practice makes perfect.
Then took a walk around the country park, a beautiful spot with a carved mammoth standing on a low hill. Apparently some fossilised remains were found here some time ago.

From "Mammoth Hill"

And the Mammoth

Mags and Bruno

0 miles, 1 Lock

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willy said...

It was so nice to see a picture of Mum and Bruno. Hope you both have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this month. I am so envious of your journey and wish I were there. Take care.
Love, Eleanor