Thursday, September 14, 2006

Had the great "Daddy Long Legs" invasion last night! They were coming in through any nook and cranny, heading for the light. We finally lit candles instead of having the electric light on, then they fried themselves! Don’t know what is the cause this year, or maybe we’ve never been so aware of them before, but there seem to be a lot more than normal.

Just up from where we moored was another narrowboat with the name "Duck Duck, Charlie Brown" I’ve seen some obscure names, but this is about the best. Had the chance to ask the owner later, turns out that they are his 2 daughter’s nicknames.
Moved off at 10:00, filled up with water and emptied rubbish at Yelvertoft, but there was no place to moor, so we moved down to Crick.
They must get up to some arcane rituals down here, saw this Whicker Man at Crick Marina.

Also saw this restoration project for a brave individual. It still has an engine……

Did a small shop at the PO/ General stores and it started to rain as we got back to the boat. This developed into a full-blown thunderstorm, so we held on till about 14:30 before setting off again.
Through Crick Tunnel and arrived at the Watford Flight at about 15:30 and had a noisy hour’s wait under the M1 bridge till we could start down. Took about 40 minutes to clear all 7 locks.

Watford Flight

Ran for another 2 miles and stopped opposite Weltonfield Marina at about 17:45.

7 Locks, 8 miles

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