Thursday, September 21, 2006

Margarets Birthday!!

Beautiful morning, warm with blue skies. I’d saved the Atherstone flight as a birthday present! She has 6 cards, but there are more waiting at Dad's for when we get there.
About an hours run to Atherstone top lock, a very attractive flight, but with the steel replacement top gates are very heavy, much worse than the original wooden ones.

Atherstone Top Lock

Atherstone Locks

It took about 3 hours to pass through the 11 locks, some in our favour, some against. Met NB "Ebenezer" at No 6, last seen at Kilby Bridge on the Leicester Line about a fortnight ago. She is a Steve Hawkins boat, with fine lines, built at his yard in Tamworth.
Filled up water at Bradley Green bridge and moored about ¼ mile further on.

11 Locks, 4 Miles.

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