Monday, September 11, 2006

Saturday afternoon and Sunday were scorching, although Sunday started very misty. Went for a 6 mile run first thing, got lost and ended up doing 8! Caught up with washing and polishing, made a gate to keep Bruno inside when we are going through locks where there is a risk from traffic. He watched me from start to finish, I don’t think he’s very impressed!


The lazy day was followed by what should have been a heavy lock day, 12 between Kilby and the long pound to Foxton (although no paddle locks, now). But we were lucky enough to team up with a young couple out for a week, so shared the work through all 12.

Cranes Lock

Seen better days!

This made the run a lot quicker than expected, so we arrived at our mooring at about 13:00. Pleasant spot, just past Ross Bridge no 74 with good TV and Satellite reception. A short walk into Fleckney gives you a Co-op, chemist and PO. Had a swan come to visit while I was washing up after dinner. So tame he’d take bread from your hand.

Hungry Swan

Another beautiful day, with a gentle breeze to just take the edge off the heat.

4 miles, 12 locks.

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willy said...

Poor Bruno looks so sad. Better to have him safe in the boat though. Great that you're having some nice warm weather.
Love, Eleanor