Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Moved off about 09:50. Lots of moored boats around the junction. Through the lock and round the 180° bend onto the Coventry Canal.

Hawkesbury Junction

Around the western edge of Bedworth, but little of the town to be seen, only evidence of it’s existence; today has taken the shopping trolley record, 7 in all.

They come in pairs, here…..

Cruised past Marston Junction (Ashby Canal). Another we will save for some other time.

Marston Junction

Around Nuneaton, from the canal this is "Allotmentland", with about 2 miles of continuous weekend endeavour. Still, much better than Loughborough’s "Factoryland".
Finished the day on good moorings at BW’s Hartshill yard.


1 Lock, 9 Miles.

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