Sunday, July 25, 2021

Another lock flight, another easy day.

 After a couple of days moored near the top of the Audlem Locks it was time to move on. Cupboards are looking a little empty, as is the water tank.

We had the final pair of locks to deal with to finish the Audlem flight and they were just around the corner. We timed it well with boats coming down,  and were heading across country towards the next set of locks at Adderley after only a half-hour or so. And that included a visit to the little kiosk at the top lock that sells cakes, ice-cream and snacks.

Towards Adderley. Beautiful countryside.

George and Carol had told us on Friday that they would lock-wheel for us up these five locks too, and they were waiting for us as we arrived at the bottom.

In less than an hour we’d ascended the locks and were looking for a place to pull in. George and Carol had parked near the top lock so we didn’t want to go too far,  but the moorings above are affected by the notorious “Shroppie Shelf”, the concrete step that sticks out from the bank a few inches below water level. Here it extends out more than a foot, no good for Amber so we pushed on with George regularly dipping the water to find somewhere more reasonable. We finally pulled in just past Bridge 67, where we could get the fore-end within a few inches of the bank, even though the stern was out a couple of feet.

After lunch of toasted cheese sandwiches followed by chocolate brownie and ice-cream (from the top lock kiosk) they left us to head home. Thanks once again, both. Hope to see you again soon.

Oh and a quick shout out to the couple on Bessie Surtees, blog readers whom we passed near the top of the locks. Good to meet you, have a good trip.

This morning Amber and I walked back to the locks to take a couple of pictures that I didn’t get yesterday.

Bridge 67, Bettonwood Coppice Bridge is a turnover bridge where the towpath crosses sides, and is unusual in that it has two separate ways across.

Logically, the crossing for farm access allows for that to be gated while the crossing for the canal can be left open without restriction to boat horses.

Adderley Top Lock.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading in to Market Drayton for supplies and services.

Locks 7, miles 2¾ 

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Barbara said...

It was good to meet you both as well I’ve read your blog for years and really enjoy it. Take care stay safe and don’t forget the moorings in Market Drayton. x best wishes Barbara