Friday, July 23, 2021

A little help from our friends…

 As planned we left Nantwich on Tuesday morning, following a boat moving at a very leisurely pace. It was actually quite enjoyable, chugging along at just above tick-over with no pressure from following boats.

We arrived at Hack Green Locks with the sun really starting to get strong, so I insisted Mags had to wear suitable headgear…

Where did you get that hat?

Up Hack Green.

The two locks were cleared quickly, and we pressed on, past the extensive Overwater Marina and over the Weaver valley on a long embankment.

The Weaver has turned back northwards at this point. It rises in the Peckforton Hills and runs south to just past Audlem, where it changes it’s mind and turns north again. It’s confluence with the Mersey is only 15½ miles from it’s source, but it takes a roundabout 71 miles to get there.

We were originally intending to stop at either above Hack Green or Coole Pilate, but the weather was so pleasant that we pushed on and climbed the first four of the fifteen locks at Audlem. 

Lock 13 and the Shroppie Fly

We pulled in on the long pound above lock 12 after a very enjoyable trip.

George and Carol, ex of NB Rock’n’Roll and more recently WB Still Rockin’ live nearby, having moved onto terra firma late last year. I gave them a call and they drove over for a brew and a chat, the upshot being that we had a locking crew for the next nine locks on Wednesday!

Heading up the Audlem “thick” where nine locks come in rapid succession, lifting the canal around 56’. The whole flight rises ninety-four feet.

It was quite slow going up, by the time we’d got Lock 8 we’d caught up with the boats ahead, and had to wait at each of the remainder. Still, it was a pleasant morning and we got there in the end, pulling in on the last long pound above Lock 3.

Mags and our locking crew, George and Carol.

They must have been missing us, today we were invited to their home for lunch and a very enjoyable afternoon chatting, and tomorrow they’re wielding windlasses again to take us up Adderley Locks. Thank you both.

Locks 15, miles 6¾


KevinTOO said...

Nice to see you all having a good time :) I hope you remembered the refresher H&S briefing for your two 'assistants' 🤣

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

If this is in time please pass on our regards to ex Still Rocking

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi KevinToo. No didn't do that but they signed a responsibility disclaimer!
Hi Brian, Diana. Yep passed on your message.