Friday, February 26, 2021

It’s all going swimmingly!

As planned we used the moorings outside The Poachers as a base for visits last week. Tuesday was a run down to Shrewsbury for Mags’ Covid test. Then Thursday it was Shrewsbury again for her pre-admission check up and blood tests, and Friday back again for her procedure.

All went well, old stents in her bile ducts replaced. No stones to remove this time, so that’s a good sign. Can’t praise the Endoscopy team at the Royal Shrewsbury enough, caring, professional and sympathetic. Lovely people. We’ll see them again in 6 months…

We stayed put on Saturday, we were both a bit tired after a stressful week. Then Sunday we headed up towards Chirk, turned around in front of the tunnel then back past The Poachers to moor above New Marton Locks.

We waited out the wet and windy weather there, meeting Richard and Ruth on the fuel boat Mountbatten on their regular run to supply us boaters with diesel, solid fuel and gas.

Mountbatten coming up New Marton Top Lock.

We left it till yesterday before carrying on towards Ellesmere, but we’ve taken a day out near Bridge 4W. We had intended to be in the town today but the weather was too good to spend it on the busy towpath there. Much more peasant here.

Fine cruising in the sunshine yesterday.

We’ll be there tomorrow though, as coal bags have been emptied they’ve been repurposed to hold rubbish and recycling and we’ve now several on the roof. The problem with this stretch is there’s no rubbish and recycling facilities.

I spent a couple of hours doing a full service on the engine and gearbox this morning, and swapped the nappies used to collect the inevitable condensation that collects on the bare steel of the engine bay in the winter. Apart from that we’ve just been chilling. Good walks with Amber and reading.

With Boris’ “roadmap” to get us out of these lockdowns we’re in a position to make plans for the summer and autumn, but they’ll not be set in stone. We’d like to get to around Loughborough on The Soar to see my folks, then up to Gargrave on the L&L to see Mags’ family. We’ve got a wedding up there in October all being well.

And with me getting my first Covid jab next Wednesday we’re both feeling more positive for the future. Hope it’s not misplaced optimism…

Locks 2, miles 7¾ 

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Tom and Jan said...

Oh Geoff was that a 'Freudian Slip' and how does Mags feel about you referring to both of you as "peasants"? Hahaha