Wednesday, February 03, 2021

And then there were four…

Well, six actually. But four are paired up so there’s only four in the array really.

I ordered two 80 watt panels from Sunshine Solar on Friday, and they were delivered by courier to us at Roundthorn Bridge on Tuesday. We pushed on down to Tilstock Park on Monday, turned at the winding hole then returned to moor at Roundthorn to wait for the delivery.

I spent today mounting and connecting the new ones up, the installation is a little bitty, with elements mounted on the storage boxes and directly onto the roof, but it will give us up to 520W. That should be enough to power the boat for the day, so long as we get a decent amount of sun…


All of them can tilt up to 45° along the axis of the boat so that helps to get the best possible angle for the low winter sun. So in the winter we need to be moored facing East or West, in the summer North or South. Ideally!

Mags is due into Royal Shrewsbury Hospital next Thursday for her twice yearly ERCP to clear out her bile ducts and replace the stents that keep her from getting jaundiced. It’s a little more complicated this time though. She’s got to have a negative Covid test prior to admission. But we’re working on that. Drive-through testing stations are great, so long as you’ve got a car!

Sunbeams from the setting sun this evening.

Anyway, we’re heading back towards the border for that, intending to moor at the Poachers. Lots of options there.

Locks 0, miles 5

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