Saturday, February 13, 2021

Ice, Ice, Baby!

We’re heading back to The Poachers now, to enable us to get Mags’ Covid test and for her pre-admission review and ERCP procedure on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully this week won’t be postponed again.

We turned around yesterday, heading down to Frankton Junction then back to moor opposite Whittington Wharf. A dry day, but that biting easterly made it feel so much colder than the temperature indicated.

More lambs, I feel sorry for them in this weather.

And today was the same as we carried on and up New Marton Locks. Apart from it being cold there were no problems… until we reached the bottom lock. It was full, set against us, and contained a thick layer of ice.

I lifted the paddles then had to break the ice holding the top gate partially open before the lock would empty.

With the lock empty I still had to clear the ice clinging to the bottom gates before they would open.


There was lots of crunching and cracking as I pushed into the lock and as it refilled.

The top lock wasn’t anything like as bad, just a thin film of ice in the chamber. This one is sheltered from the Siberian wind…

We moored just past the water point, we’ll stay here tomorrow then head on to The Poachers on Monday after topping up the water tank.

Locks 2, miles 4¾

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KevinTOO said...

Good Luck for later in the week hope everything goes well :)